A world of colour and texture

Hello again! I would like to make this new blog post about the fibre and textile and mixed media artists at the fantastic exhibition of the World of Threads Festival, in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. I was there this last weekend on my way to frame shopping at IKEA, and had to share my photos of some of my favourite works exhibited.Please click on the photos to see a zoom in version of each one.

Looking back at the 2016 exhibition photos I took at the time, I am amazed with all the wonderful fibre works I saw and the inspiration I always feel after these art trips. Thank you World of Threads organizers for all the art work you managed (again!) to put together! If you click the links above you'll be able to find the names of the works and respective artists and more info about the Festival.

See you soon, hopefully with an updated blog post about my own fibre work!