Artist Statement

My work explores the relationship between transparencies and opacities and their successive, infinite number of shades, textures and colours.

I make stitched drawings using recycled fabrics collected and preserved with the only intention of cutting, layering and stitching them in a way that aims to capture light, contrast and depth.

The tactile contrasts obtained by the graphic stitched lines and the source materials that I use, like the organza, translate the essential drive and inspiration of my current artwork.


Mónica Leitão Mota was born in Portugal and lives in London, Ontario, Canada with her family since 2005.

Her stitched and textured drawings on fabric and paper are influenced by her years as a student of Sculpture at the University of Fine Arts in Porto, Portugal, where she fostered an interest in texture, volume and light.

Having been an Art and Geometry teacher for several years in Portugal developed her artistic flexibility and defined her graphic use of line in her body of work.

Using recycled and vintage fabrics like cotton, linen and wool is an essential part and inspiration of her artistic work, as they are intimately connected with her family heritage and at the same time with her daily life in Canada.

Photography is a main interest in her life, and she always photographs and records the different stages of progress of her work. She feels that the camera’s lens allows her to have a changing perspective in the final result of her work.

She continues to develop and further explore the use of transparencies and opacities with all kinds of fibres, including paper, along with experimenting with screen printing and wearable sculpture. Her work has been exhibited in different galleries in Ontario.

                   London, Ontario, Canada                                                                 Mónica Leitão Mota                                                       monicasthreads@outlook.com

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